Feb. 17th, 2017

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The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. - H. Norman Schwarzkopf

Goals Completed: 0
Goals in Progress: 19

I'm still recovering from whatever virus I contracted, so physically I've not been making the strength gains I'd wanted. I am still training and hitting the gym, but lighter workouts and more of a focus on cardio work, as I've got a few 5Ks scheduled in the next month. I have gotten to be a research participant for a biomechanical running lab, one of the labs that performs the testing shoes for Runner's World, and I've already ran on a treadmill with sensors attached in different places once. According to them, I have good running form, but I could run more efficiently with a faster tempo and shorter strides - so I'm training that way now.

I'm still practicing mindful eating, but I overate three times last week, so I'm not counting the completed week as mindful. I'm doing better since then. I'm usually meeting my hydration goals, but I was struggling to meet my activity goals due to illness. I'm working on getting better sleep. I did find a Zen Temple and I've made up the formal Zazen practices to the current month, and I've finished the second book in my permanent library and started the third.

There's been no progress on maintenance tasks. I've made some progress with disaster preparation; I've researched tactical courses, and sorted and purged the under-the-bed storage for Ol' Number 3. I've also completed the Defensive Driving, Infection Control, and HIPPA courses for my annual firefighter training. I've still got CPR/BPLS to complete, and then I'll keep working on the taskbook after that.

I will be going to Hawaii with Faye at the end of the month for almost two weeks, so I'll hope to get a few adventure goals completed. I'm still doing my research on what I want to do, but I'll update my list when I have a plan.


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