Mar. 15th, 2017

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If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. - Thomas Edison

Goals Completed: 2
Goals in Progress: 24

Now that we're back from vacation, and I've had a brief chance to decompress - it's time to get serious about where I'm at with my goals and life. I'm running a 5k this Sunday, and I've been doing some treadmill work with inclines and rolling hills and different speeds to prepare for it. I'm also working on pushups and situps because I've been deferring strength training for the 5K. I've not been able to train Tai Chi, and different priorities have kept me so far from finding a hard-style art.

I will be participating in a Puja the beginning of May, that will necessitate daily meditation for at least a month. While I was in Hawai'i I was able to participate in a Tibetan Chant in a hundred-year old Tibetan Temple, and I was able to also attend a Portland Full-Moon zazen guided meditation this last Sunday. Now that I've found a good fit for a Zendo, I've been keeping up with more regular meditation - a very necessary practice.

I was able to maintain mindful eating, and a mildly restrictive diet based on my level of exercise - despite a large amount of spam(!) but I've not been so fortunate with sleeping patterns. Although I definitely got more sleep in Hawai'i, I didn't regularly meet even seven hours of sleep. I was able to finish another book in my permanent library on the plane on the way home, amd I've written my hiaku (below).

I've not been able to get to the fire station to train as of yet since I've gotten back, or work on any Zombie Preparations. Ol' Number 3 has, however, gotten some clearing in her hallway, and my altar has been set up in preparation for the Puja.

My Travel/Adventure goals have made the most progress. I've been to the Pacific Tsunami Museum, enjoyed Taiko Drumming, hung three new Junior Ranger badges on my banner, visited another lighthouse, geocached in a new state, gone on a couple of dayhikes, snorkeled, and hiked a non-so-extinct volcano. Not bad for a twelve-day vacation!

Eleven warm days -
exploring, learning, and spam
What a vacation!

swimming with turtles,
hiking active volcanoes
tired and happy

old Buddhist Temple
painted Tibetan sounds
aging gracefully


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