Mar. 26th, 2017

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Great men are rarely isolated mountain peaks; they are the summits of ranges. - T.W. Higginson

Goals Completed: 2
Goals in Progress: 26

Although I didn't end up running in the 5K (my running partner had eye surgery and was prohibited from running), I'll be running in another 5K this weekend. I'm still running (and hiking) some hills and inclines, and I'll be hitting the gym treadmill hard this week. NO Tai Chi or hard-style martial arts progress - I had a visitor from the UK that took away from my training, and the timing hasn't worked out.

I will still be participating in a Puja the beginning of May, that will necessitate daily meditation for at least a month, although my role in the Puja isn't very clear as of yet. I'm still continuing mindful eating, and I'll be adding to the mindfulness component soon. I'm still scheduled to get my biannual BPLS training at the Red Cross Disaster Academy in May, and that will also help with my Zombie Preparations. Clearing out Ol' Number 3 even more, setting up an altar to Ganesha, and organizing and updating some of the gear onboard, has also unofficially helped.

Also, for some travel/adventure, I went to the Pittock Mansion and learned quite a bit about early Portland History, hiked Oneonta Gorge Falls/Starvation Creek, scored another Junior Ranger badge, and completed a geocaching challenge not on my 101/1001 list.

Not bad for 10 days!


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