Jun. 24th, 2017

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Life is in the here and now. Either we meet it, we live it - or we miss it. - Vilama Thakar

Goals Completed: 4
Goals in Progress: 33

I've been really busy working on things on my list, in pretty much all categories.

In Body, I've gotten a good week of Tai Chi training in around all the other things, and even gotten to the gym a couple of times and ran a fun run 5K. I've started longer runs in preparation for the 10K next weekend, and I expect that it'll be a good run. In Mind, I did get my formal zazen practice for the month completed, and I'm working on another book. In Maintenance, I did complete my First Aid/CPR course, and I've seen my new dentist (no cavities!). In Zombie Preparation, I've continued to clear out and upgrade both Ol' Number 3, and prepare for deck work up top.

Travel and Adventure, though, is the main focus of this post. I took a roadtrip to Utah via southern Idaho and found a few really old geocaches that let me complete the hard part of my grid of finding at least one geocache placed for every month since geocaching started (called the Jasmer Challenge), a goal that's been on my list since the second list. I also worked on my goal of finding the oldest caches in new states/countries that I haven't already found, and got two. Additionally, I found an old Oregon geocache, way at the eastern part of the state, that was part of the Oregon History Challenge.

The main reason for the roadtrip, though, was to buy a Black Rock Ranger Jeep, a Burning Man icon called the Whorse, that needed some love and attention. The Jeep has been dropped off at my mechanic and is being worked on to see if it'll be ready for the playa this year. She needs some love and elbow grease and some faith, at this point. The Jeep comes with a hard top, a bikini top, some custom parts, a tow package, and a ham radio. *smile*

Some hiaku:

sweat blinding my eyes
8am is still too hot
got to run earlier

Warm sunny days
being outside versus the gym
training at odd times!

The Jasmer Challenge,
memories of the journeys -
Well worth the time!


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