Jul. 14th, 2017

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Leader in its most important sense means being the agent of your own life, influencing the things you care about most in the world to make it a richer life. - Stewart Friedman

Goals Completed: 4
Goals in Progress: 36

I'm continuing my practice of mindful eating this week, and also working on getting more and better sleep patterns. There is no Tai Chi training this week, as the Sifu is on vacation. I haven't been to the gym this week, but I plan to go this weekend.

I'm typing this as I sit in a hotel ballroom, getting some more CEUs to meet my yearly requirements. I've also completed another Wildland Firefighter class last week, a repeat of a class I completed during the Firefighter Academy, and that should complete all of the bureaucratic requirements for Oregon Wildland Firefighter certification.

I've not been slacking, however. Ol' Number 3 has gotten all of her old degraded and unsafe wooden decking removed, and the top of the bus cleaned. Today we should get most of the old paint and rust removed on the steel frame, and the bus cleaned again for repainting.

The Whorse is still in the mechanic's bay getting a new alternator, but she looks like she'll be ready for Burning Man. I'm working on the shifts and documentation for both Ranger Intercept and the Black Rock Volunteer Fire Department, and I hope to get everything completed by next week.


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