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Alertness and courage are life's shield. - - PHILIPPINE PROVERB

Goals Completed: 2
Goals in Progress: 30

I'm spending an hour or two regrouping and planning, my first chance this month.  *smile*

Since my last update, I've run a very easy 5K to support a friend with some very serious medical issues, and encouraged her to work on her health and lifestyle choices - hopefully with some sustained success. I'm still training in the gym, and starting to prepare for the Spartan race. I enjoyed training Tai Chi last week, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's classes. I plan to look at hard-style classes this week.

I've started the process to prepare for a Puja in May, and started the daily meditation process. Almost at random, little cluttered messes have been clearing themselves out daily as part of the ritual. I slipped up with my mindful eating this week, but I've restarted my focus on caloric intake and eating less overall. However, I accidentally got enough sleep for the week. *laughs*

I'm scheduled for 18 CEUs at my usual mental health and addictions conference in July, a good start on the year. I've also just completed a tactical course last night, the first of a series designed to improve my ability to respond more effectively to chaos and Zombies. I'm planning on finishing up my annual required firefighter training tomorrow, and getting started on my taskbook for my Firefighter I certification.

April looks to be a busy and productive spiritual month!
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