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A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. - Joseph Campbell

Goals Completed: 2
Goals in Progress: 31

I've been training hard in the gym, still working on strength and conditioning my bicep, and I'm still making small gains with chest and arms. I trained 3 weeks of 4 with Sifu with all of the Tai Chi forms. I still haven't followed up with a hard-style school as of yet. I continue with a mindful eating practice, and I am learning about what is in my food and beginning to adjust my diet accordingly.

The ShivaShakti Puja was completed, relatively successfully. Despite rain and cold, and various small changes and chaos in the original plans, and no real practice, we appeared to create a lot of positive energy, overcoming obstacles over and over. The Temple Crew was all a well-functioning team, even though some of us barely or didn't know each other before this weekend. Every one of us had shifts in energy, and cut away energy that didn't serve - some more noticeably than others. The Temple Wings, my own dikini, Lakshmi and Ganesha, and of course Shakti, were all complete rock stars, and manifested their own power and grace the whole festival.

This week I also started and finished a book I was called to read, Epic Survival, by Matt Graham. His book is about learning what the human body and mind do when pushed to the brink, building awareness, developing our senses, improving our physicality, and finding balance. His tenets: (1) Set your own path, and constantly continue to learn; (2) Be physically in control, gaining strength in running, swimming, and climbing without competing with nature; (3) Know yourself, slowing down and observing, and learning by doing; (4) Deal with danger, by considering different ways and respecting danger without fear; and (5) Learn from others, without worrying about failure. A very good book for me at this juncture in my life.

Although rain threatened,
Ganesha with Shiva,
protects the Temple

Shiva, with flowers
arriving just in time
sooths Shakti's fear

Ffynnon at Beltane -
magic happens anyway,
despite cold and rain


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