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It is futile to judge a kind deed by its motives. Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind. - Eric Hoffer

Goals Completed: 2
Goals in Progress: 32

I've not been in the gym much, or focused on mindful eating practices, since my last update. The theme for the month of May is training, mostly in the Zombie/Disaster Preparation section. I'm scheduled to get another tactical course next week, I've spent two days at the Red Cross Disaster Academy, learning about integrated condolence teams for Disaster Mental Health, and also how to be a part of a Wildfire Incident Command Post, and also to keep up with my yearly Red Cross certifications. I've also spent two days of intense mentally and physically demanding training towards completing my Wildland Firefighter Certification Type 2.

This next weekend, I'll be using what I just learned as a Lieutenant/Shift Lead for the SOAK Fire department - hopefully just as practice, and not for a Wildfire. The weekend after that, I should have two more days to finish certifying for my Wildland Firefighter 2, and complete that goal. This will mean that I'm fully trained to work on a fire line and to operate as a resource.

I'm not completely neglecting my Travel/Adventure section, however. While I was at the Red Cross Disaster Academy this year, I was able to visit the Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health as part of the academy, a very interesting museum on the hospital grounds. I also have at least one roadtrip scheduled where I might get a couple of geocaching goals completed.

This week I'm going to be getting back into the gym, restarting my mindful eating practice, and going to SOAK. I've got a lot of chores, packing, and preparation to do. *smile*


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