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For the 4th of July, I showed up early in my Class B uniform at the Fire Department for a long day of volunteering.

I was initially traffic control for the parade, and hitched a ride at the end of the parade on the Water Tender and threw candy for the kids. After a very short break, we all deployed again to the local park for an amateur logging competition and then again for a professional logging competition. I've never seen a logging competition before, and the skill for the athletes cutting, chopping, climbing, balancing and log rolling was pretty amazing. *smile* All day long, I kept getting lessons and orientations into everything from fire extinguishers to water rescue as we set up and prepared for different activities.

After a quick BBQ back at the station, we deployed for the fireworks show. We set up a progressive hose lay, got into our turnouts, met with the pyrotechnics crew, and checked our emergency victim extraction gear. Then I got the best view of a fireworks show that I have ever seen, less than 100 feet from the launch platform. *grin* We were so close that some of the spent cardboard tubes were landing on us. Afterwards, I learned about emergency scene lighting on the new engine, pulled and rolled hose, and we got back to the station after 11pm. Once everything was secured and reset, I got multiple sign-offs on my Firefighter I taskbook, and finally got home about 1:30am.

We were very busy, and did a lot of protection of the community. We were ready for a lot of disasters and rescues, and we worked hard. We also got to be outside in the sun and we got a lot of practice, as well as see and experience a pretty fun 4th.


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