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I completed 47 goals in 1001 days, and left 20 in progress. Most of those in-progress goals will be continued on the next list.

I completed only 5 of 25 of my 'Train the Body' goals, but those completed goals were pretty awesome memories. *smile* Earning my Cho Dan rank, and going four laps in a racing car were accomplishments I'm not going to forget. I also practiced better sleeping habits that will be reinforced on my next list, relearned to ride a horse (thanks, Dixie!) and practiced small-arms shooting. The in-progress goals left were mostly because I relocated from Texas. Training, weapon forms, bicycling, exercise goals, and running all had to be postponed. These goals, as well as Qigong skills and my yearly fasts, will be incorporated and continued into the next list.

I completed most of my 'Train the Mind and Emotions to prepare Spirit' goals, completing 11 of 17 goals. I completed my Tantric training, created better mindful eating practices, re-read my permanent library and new books, completed FEMA courses and CERT/Disaster preparation courses and exercises, wrote more than 100 hiaku, and enhanced my meditation practices. I was also introduced to a Zen Monastery, and got started on some in-progress meditation goals that will continue on the next list. Learning CW and becming an ARES Field Operator also was transferred to the next list.

My professional goals were also influenced heavily by relocation back to Oregon, completing only 4 of 15 goals. The Oregon Board of Psychology Examiners is still considering my circumstances, but many of my goals were not able to be even worked for most of the time of this list, and will transfer to the next list. I did tame my email list and maintained good voicemail habits, developed an effective budget, and exceeded the continuing education I needed for my licensure and certifications - helpful when I relocated back to Oregon. I also completed all of the training for a Disaster Response specialization from the American Red Cross, and I'm currently an active Disaster Action Team member, as well as on the Disaster Mental Health Team rotation.

I completed 27 of 56 my Travel/Adventures/Life goals, and had some great experiences. I sold the Fortress of Solitude, and acquired two new rank-appropriate doboks. I visited Mexico, Arizona, California, six different caves, more than 10 museums, and spent three weeks (two Burning Man festivals and one Flipside) camping, as well as more than twenty 1-3 day camping trips/events. I trained and taught at the Black Rock Kwoon, and delivered baked goods as performance art. I bought a new laptop and an e-reader, and a solar charger for them both. I undented my truck, and maintained my truck and Ol' Number 3 yearly. I didn't have physical possession of my motorcycle, or that goal would have been completed as well. I tried, and mostly enjoyed, 32 different foods I'd never tasted before. I volunteered, a lot, and helped others achieve personal goals. I almost completed a goal to anonymously help others, but fell short by one person. I maintained my Professional First Aid/CPR certifications, took care of my teeth and body, reviewed my credit reports yearly, completed a CERT course, purged extra stuff, and got all of my photos organized (thanks, Steph!). I didn't complete my goal of 10 concerts, but I did attend 6 great shows. I worked hard on getting all of the different geocaching difficulty/terrain combinations and made good progress, and I almost completed the geocaching Finds by Day of Year, missing it by one day. I acquired a solar cooker, but I haven't used it yet. I made progress on sorting out my hard drive. As before, most of the in-progress goals will transfer to the new list.

I also completed some supplemental goals that don't count on the list, but they are worthy of mention. I've participated in several Flash Mobs, visited (and earned Junior Ranger status!) at many National Parks/National Monuments, completed a month-long geocaching find streak, learned new words and how to solve soduku puzzles, among other experiences. Supplemental goals are often added to the main list as I complete list goals - but sometimes completing them before that happens is a bonus.

The old, referenced list is below. The new list starts today. *smile*

Train the Body ...

1. train at least 3 times a week [93/143], makeups allowed - currently suspended 7/14/13, one week training 5/29/14
2. Cho Dan - completed 5/4/13
3. run a half marathon - 2mi, no elevation, "Peggy minute"
4. bench press twice my body weight [145/420]
5. 200 non-stop pushups [2x25/200],
6. 200 non-stop crunches [2x25/200],
7. log 1000 miles on a bicycle [40/1000]
8. learn a nunchaku form
9. learn and be proficient with three sword forms
10. better my kenjitsu skills
11. learn and be proficient with three staff forms [2/3] - Bong Hyung Chodan, Bong Hyung Sambu,
12. 7-day fast/detox my body yearly [2/3] - 9/14/12, 11/9/13,
13. complete a Tough Mudder or equivalent
14. sleep at least 7-8 hours a night for 6/7 nights a week for 6 months [26/26] - started 9/30/12, completed 8/11/13
15. score 285/300 on head/body target with .45 at shooting range [476/500] - completed 4/6/13
16. complete a 3-cut tameshigiri
17. improve my qigong skills
18. learn to belly dance an entire routine
19. learn to salsa and tango
20. learn to snowboard at least reasonably well
21. re-learn to ride a horse - completed 3/4/12
22. learn scuba diving to certification or at least go snorkeling again
23. learn to rock climb better
24. learn to build an igloo or a sand cave
25. drive fast in a sportscar. No. I mean REALLY fast. Like 170mph fast. - completed 6/21/14

... and train the Mind and Emotions to prepare Spirit

26. complete my Tantric training with Sienna - completed 2/25/13
27. eat more mindfully [90/90] - restarted 5/1/12, completed 10/31/12
28. re-read my martial arts library [23/23] - The Life-Giving Sword, Zen and the Martial Arts, The Chinese Martial Code, The Unfettered Mind, Ki In Daily Life, Bushido, Shambhala, Journey To Ixtlan, The Four Agreements, Hagakure, Tales of Power, Warriors of the Heart, The Book of Five Rings, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Teachings of Don Juan, Zen In the Art of Archery, The Art of War, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Sword and Brush, Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on T'ai Chi Cu'uan, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, Affirmations, The Overlook Martial Arts Reader - completed 2/26/13
29. write article/book on BDSM psychodynamics
30. take advanced medical (at least EMT) classes
31. complete five FEMA on-line courses [5/5] - IS-100.b - Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS), IS-700.a - Introduction to National Incident Management System (NIMS), IS-022 - Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness, IS-907 - Active Shooter: What You Can Do, IS-200.b - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents - completed 1/16/12
32. read 10 new martial arts/spirituality books [10/10] - Budoshoshinshu, Warrior of the Light, On Guerilla Warfare, Cheng Hsin, The Invitation, A Path with Heart, How Can I Help?, The Zen Way to the Martial Arts, Essential Zen, On Holistic Living - completed 9/10/12
33. write haiku [100/100] - completed 6/28/14
34. do 3 days in silence
35. spend at least a week in a Zen monastery [1/7]
36. answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind" [50/50] - completed 4/2/13,
37. complete 50 We Are What We Do actions [61/50] - completed 3/3/12,
38. engage in 1 month of Daily Devotional Practice/Bhakti/Bhoga [30/30] - completed 2/28/13
39. meditate daily for 3 months [90/90] - started 12/3/12, completed 3/10/13
40. complete 5 CERT-related exercises or classes [5/5] - Landing Zone Safety Training Class, SKYWARN Weather Spotter, Hurricane Shelter Management, Wildfire Home Assessment Training, Urban Shield - completed 12/1/12
104. complete all of the training requirements for ARES Field Operator
105. learn CW at least 12wpm


41. pass the EPPP, studying up to 300 hours [1/300]
42. pass the state Jurisprudence exam as a Psychologist
43. complete the licensure process as a Psychologist
44. volunteer for a relief organization as a Psychologist
45. complete at least 90 CEUs of interesting topics [90.5/90] - Therapies Applied to Depression in the Homeless Community (5.5), 2012 Texas Behavioral Health Institute (5), Trauma, PTSD, and Traumatic Grief (6), Shift Work Disorder (2), Clinicians' Duties in the Use of Online Information (0.5), Fundamentals of Major Depressive Disorder Treatment in Adults (2), Screening for Mental Health Disorders in Military Families (2), Managing Pain Patients Who Abuse Prescription Drugs (1.75), Concurrent Treatment of PTSD and Substance Abuse (0.25), Giving Voices to Values (3), Realities of Overmedication and Medication Abuse (5), Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors: Bridging the Gaps in the Treatment of Major Depression (2.5), Trauma and Traumatic Stress Across the Dying and Bereavement Spectrum (6), Everything Changes: How to stay current with new regulations and avoid complaints (3), Counseling Unemployed Clients (2), Ethics for Counselors (6), Alzheimer's Disease (10), Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention for Youth (2.5), Recognition of Bipolar Disorder Type I Before the First Manic Episode (1), Trends in Cigarette Smoking Rates and Quit Attempts Among Adults With and Without Diagnosed Diabetes (1), Applying the Biology of Depression to Patient Management: Targeted Treatment (1.5), Smoking Behaviors and Cessation Interests Among Multiunit Subsidized Housing Tenants (1), Major Depressive Disorder: New Perspectives on Diagnosis and Management (2), Prevalence of Chronic Conditions Among Medicare Part A Beneficiaries (1), Psychoses, Bipolar Disorders, and Cardiometabolic Risk (1), Recent Advances in the Management of Binge Eating Disorder (1), Association of Painful Musculoskeletal Conditions and Migraine Headache With Mental and Sleep Disorders Among Adults With Disabilities (1), Methamphetamine Abuse and Dependence (5), Cannabis Use, Abuse, and Dependence (5), Cocaine Abuse and Dependence (5) - completed 6/13/14
46. complete enough hours of clinical supervision for licensure if needed
47. write an effective business plan
48. create a budget, stick to it for 6 months - completed 5/26/14
49. acquire a Disaster Response specialization (American Red Cross) - completed Disaster Services: An Overview (Online), Diversity Sensitivity and Awareness eLearning, Disaster Action Team Fundamentals, Disaster Assessment Fundamentals, Safe and Well Linking Fundamentals, all 20 ReadyRN modules, Serving People with Functional & Access Needs in Shelters (FANS), CBRNE - Ready, Respond, Volunteer Orientation, Disaster Services: An Overview (Module 2), Disaster Action Team Services Workforce Training, Fundamentals of Disaster Mental Health (online), Disaster Action Team Workshop (Refresher), Psychological First Aid - completed 3/29/14
50. control my work email; respond to messages within 3 days for 6 months [6/6] - completed 5/20/11


51. complete another fire sword/staff performance
52. sell my house - completed 12/27/11
53. finish my back piece tattoo
54. buy a new dobok - completed 6/22/13
55. take the Green Tortoise across the country
56. visit South America
57. visit Canada
58. visit Mexico - completed 11/24/12
59. visit Egypt
60. ride my motorcycle for a week-long trip without a destination
61. go on at least 3 week-long hiking/camping trips [3/3] - Burning Man 2012, Burning Man 2013, Flipside 2014 - completed 5/27/14
62. go on 20 shorter (1-3 day) hiking/camping trips [20/20] - Flipside 2012, Flipside 2013, Natural Bridge Caverns, Cave Without A Name, Caverns of Senora, Carlsbad Caverns, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Chiricahua, Kartchner Caverns/Colossal Cave, Tombstone, Saguaro, Titan Missile Museum/Tumacácori, Casa Grande, Joshua Tree, Sequoia/Kings Canyon, Yosemite, Summer Lake Hot Springs, Crater Lake, Newberry, Lewis and Clark - completed 9/15/13
63. be part of a Black Rock City Dojo theme camp (Black Rock Kwoon) - completed at Burning Man 2012
64. visit Arizona for a week - completed 8/1/13
65. buy a new laptop - completed 11/16/12
66. visit California for a week - completed 8/14/13
67. visit Japan
68. try a new food each month [32/32] - Spanish Soup, Zimtfladen, Pinon Nut Coffee, Peanut-butter Oreos, Neua Yang Nam Tok, Strawberry-Vanilla Marshmallows, Nacho Rings, Triple Chocolate Pizookie, Cinnamon Sugar Rice, Bacon Jam, Midnight Moon Goat Cheese, Dark Chocolate-covered Pomegranate Seeds, Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, Coffee Porter Ale, Moscato Peach Chicken, Crunchy Cookie Butter, Elk Meatloaf, Turtle Bread Pudding, Bordeaux Truffle, Pittig Cheese, Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake, Bolinhos de Coco, Juniper Pale Ale, Spold Mac, Lamb Shawarma, Maple Panna Cotta, Maple Bacon Kettle Chips, Tomatillo Chili, Bacon Jerky, Goat Kabob, Abbey De Belloc cheese, Cacao Nut Protein Bar - completed 6/13/14
69. repair body and paint truck - completed 6/27/14
70. renew my CPR/1st Aid certification biannually [2/2] - American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers - 5/12/12, American Red Cross Professional CPR/FA/AED For Health Services Personnel - 5/16/14 - completed 5/16/14
71. visit New Zealand
72. complete an Ironbutt Association (IBA) Saddlesore 1000 (a 24 hour 1,000 mile ride)
73. visit five different caves [6/5] - Natural Bridge Caverns, Cave Without A Name, Caverns of Senora, Carlsbad Caverns, Kartchner Caverns, Colossal Cave - completed 7/27/13
74. tune-up/service bus yearly [3/3] - 6/2/12, 7/11/13,3/26/14 - completed 3/24/14
75. tune-up/service motorcycle yearly [1/3] - 9/23/12,
76. tune-up/service truck yearly [3/3], - 2/18/12, 7/7/13, 3/26/14 - completed 3/24/14
77. volunteer 50 times [50/50] - Lions Wurstfest 2012 Parking x3, GVARC Tour De Gruene 2011 Communications x2, Habitat for Humanity ReStore x21, Dry Comal Creek CITO, Austin CERT x9, Flipside 2012 Safety Training x2, Lions 2012 White Cane Day, 10th Annual Texas Tang Soo Do Classic x3, Flipside 2012 Pyro Ranger x2, Flipside 2012 PETS Supervisor x2, Flipside 2012 Sanctuary MHA x4 - completed 6/21/12
78. help people randomly and anonymously at least 23 times [22/23]
79. help five people achieve a personal goal [5/5] - Steph, Gyesika, Carlie, Tish, Josiah - completed 2/20/13
80. use a zip line in some exotic place (Hawaii?)
81. hike an extinct volcano, maybe Haleakala
82. visit the Buller estate, in England
83. visit Ireland and Scotland again
84. get a dental examination twice yearly, whiten my teeth [5/5], - 2/7/12, 9/24/12, 4/8/13, 1/21/14, 5/12/14 - completed 5/12/14
85. get a complete physical examination - completed 1/28/14
86. participate in another sweat lodge
87. visit 10 major museums or galleries [10/10] - San Antonio Museum of Art, The Witte Museum, Museums of Port Isabel, Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum, McNay Art Museum, Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, USS Lexington, Deming Luna Mimbres Museum, Titan Missile Museum, Arizona-Senora Desert Museum - completed 8/3/13
88. ride a Vincent Black Shadow
89. write up will, just in case
90. take a trip on a small boat, and learn nautical skills
91. complete a CERT course - cycle completed 3/10/12
92. go to 10 concerts [6/10] - KGSR 21st Anniv. Party (The Gourds, Givers, Mat Kearney, Dawes), VNV Nation, Scorpions feat. Tesla, Assemblage 23, KGSR 22nd Anniv. Party (Civil Twilight, Suzanna Choffel, Mile Greene, Delta Rae), Abney Park,
93. review credit reports at least once a year [3/3] - completed 1/6/12, 2/19/13, 1/26/14
94. participate in the Throw Out 50 Things Challenge [57/50] - TdG poster, cap, belt, jeans, art x2, computer bag x2, book x12, gas can, Xmas ornament, basket, LED cup, DVD, backpack, picture frame, therapy binder x2, stack o' files, file holder, plastic dessert container, gift box, sweater, shirt, running shirt, cap, bracelets x2, stock, foregrip, magnetic CB antenna/mount, misc. hardware, travel mug, CD travel cases x2, keychain, bookends x10 - completed 2/12/12
95. do 5 things that scare me [1/5]
96. complete all 81 difficulty/terrain ratings of geocaches [67/81]
97. finish putting my pictures into photo albums - completed 8/11/12
98. get a solar charger for my cell phone/electronics - completed 1/29/12
99. get an e-reader - completed 5/12/12
100. acquire, and use, a solar cooker - acquired 6/29/12,
102. organize my hard drives/music
103. travel by train
106. learn to proficiently weld
107. complete the geocaching Finds by Day of Year (all years combined) [365/366]
108. ride an elephant

SUPPLEMENTAL GOALS: (stolen without shame from friends and others)

participate in a Flash Mob - completed 9/22/12
visit five National Parks/National Monuments [5/5] - Carlsbad Caverns, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Chiricahua, Saguaro, Tumacácori - completed 7/31/13
lay down outside at night and admire the stars while listening to the crickets - completed 8/7/13
watch a meteor shower - completed 8/7/13
figure out how to save a back-up copy of all old LJ entries and do so - completed 8/9/13
complete a month-long geocaching 'streak' [31/31] - completed 8/31/13
try canning/preserving - completed 9/12/13
complete 5 soduku puzzles - completed 10/8/13
learn 50 new words [50/50]crepitate, otiose, neuston, scarper, mugwump, ceinture, ilunga, arigata meiwaku, kunik, lazaret, accismus, nocuous, crepuscular, fecund, moirologist, cockaigne, scrogglings, mishegoss, nod-crafty, tissick, narthex, caffè sospeso, destinate, oligopsony, misopolemist, ederacinism, palpebral, ordonnance, nyctophilia, comestible, cortege, dithyramb, gelicide, agowilt, shunpike, doryphore, sui generis, California widow, percribrate or percrebrate, taradiddle, donnybrook, fuliginous, revet, snickersnee, oik or oick, narwhal, agathokakological, avenaceous, quilling, lapsarian - completed 1/5/14
influence five people to create a 101/1001 list [1/5] - Miss Rebecca,
learn 5 different constellations


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