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Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things. - Sir Humphrey Davy

Goals Completed: 11
Goals in Progress: 29

This year I’ve gotten a bit of a slow start on progress on my list. I’ve completed 11 goals, but no more than two in any section. I have made progress on 29 goals, and I’m on track to get all of the in-progress goals completed at some point.

In the Body section, I have 7 of the 12 goals in progress, with none completed. I’ve managed to get some training (#01, #10) in, and I’m still motivated to working on pushups and situps (#07, #08). In the Mind section, I’ve completed 2 of 12 goals, with 7 goals in progress. I’ve gotten my back piece (#24) where I want it for now, and I have completed meditation monthly for 6 months (#22). I’ve made progress with participating in a single Puja (#13), a single fast (#15), a single new book (#18) and a single book reread from my permanent library (#17). I have kept up with haiku (#19), and I’ve recommitted to better eating and sleeping practices (#14, #16).

In the Being Well Rounded section, I have 3 of 12 in progress, with none completed. I’ve attended 7 performances and 7 museums (#32, #36), and been scared twice (#35). In the Professional section, I haven’t even filled out 3 of the 10 goals, and only made progress on two goals. I’ve kept up with my required professional education (#41), and I have just gotten signed my supervision contract (#42). This week I’ll be starting the licensure process (#39), but I haven’t yet done anything with that as of the deadline of this post.

In the Maintenance section, I’ve completed 2 of the 10 goals, with 3 in progress. I have renewed my passport (#55), and gotten my physical exam (#51), as well as had two dental checkups (#50), reviewed my credit report (#52), and kept up my First Aid/CPR certification (#46). Vehicle maintenance is on the short list, but hasn’t happened yet. In the Disaster Preparation section I’ve completed 2 of 13 goals, with one goal not yet filled out, and only one goal in progress. I did complete the Firefighter Academy (#67), and that also helped complete five CERT/Disaster-related classes (#60), and the single FEMA on-line class (#59) I have taken.

In the Ol’ Number 3 section, I have completed none of the 6 goals and I have only one in progress. Ol’ Number 3 is nowhere near capable of a 30-minute deployment (#69). In the House of a Thousand Projects section, I’ve completed 1 of the 6 goals, although the irrigation ditch (#80) may need cleaning out this summer. In the Geocaching section, I’ve completed 2 of 6 goals, Finds by Day of Year and Finds by Hidden Date (#81, #83) and I’m very close to completing all of the Grimm geocaches (#86). I just need two caches, but there doesn’t seem to be a convenient time to finish them any time soon.

In my largest section, the Travel/Adventure section, I’ve usually completed more goals than this time. I’ve still completed 2 of 14, training in the Black Rock Kwoon (#93) and traveling by train (#89), but I only have 3 in progress. Of those 3, I’ve completed 2 of 3 week-long camping trips and 3 of 20 shorter camping trips, and 7 of 10 concerts.

Overall, I’m a bit dismayed in my lack of progress.


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