Jan. 14th, 2004

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Monthly Update:

Things that have happened since London:

(1) Despite me having all of the requirements done, I did not get to apply for internship. OK, that's probably a good thing. I get to finish my dissertation, get to get my agency in shape, and get to work on myself and fix my bad attitude about having to do this 'you need community mental health experience' thing (apparently the 12 years I already have doesn't count) before I apply again.

(2) I rolled my truck 30 miles into Montana, edged out of my lane by an 18-wheeler in an icy rainstorm. I am ok, didn't hurt anything or anyone...but I was hanging in my seat belt, my truck on its passenger side, and facing the wrong way in the median. I got help almost instantly from other folks, AAA towed me to St Regis, the fluids in my truck settled correctly, and she started right up after waiting an hour. Got free coffee, and a great calendar from the towing place. Made it home for Christmas only six hours late. Yule gifts, giving and receiving, were modest this year, except for a new laptop I really needed and I'm writing this on---thank you again, Nick and Julie.

(3) Got snowed in in White Salmon, WA, on the way home from Montana. Stopped to do a quick psychosocial assessment for an agency I consult for and to load a motorcycle for a BIMC patch-holder, and it snowed. Hard. Roommate called and waved me off from coming home, as the Interstate was closed.

(4) Got snowed in a week later in Hillsboro with the charming Butterfly and JIC. Another roommate wave-off, post-Darklady Party. Stopped for a waffle before going home, ended up watching all of the episodes of a show called 'Firefly'. Very enjoyable, thanks to JIC.

(5) Speaking of roommate, acquired one. Paula, a RockMed LPN, came back to OR after taking care of her now-deceased mother in TX, with one of her cats. In Grim's house the total now is: Humans=2, Cats=3. Occasional peeing as the cats establish territory, but Phaedrus has established himself as alpha. Paula cooks, cleans, does yoga, occasionally gives me a professional massage (formerly an LMT). Studying for her RN,looking for a job.

(6) Still studying Ryobi-Kai Karate and getting close to being told to promote to Orange belt (10th-dan). Working hard physically helps me cope with my rather mental/stressful job. I'm definitely in better physical shape that I have been in some time and I now recognize when I am in no-mind and move correctly for this style, although I cannot always repeat myself. Frown; train harder. Struggling with the dojo-kun of 'be patient'. I want too much to be perfect.

(7) Had my dayplanner stolen just before Christmas. My dayplanner is my brain; I no longer have many addresses and phone numbers and all of last year's scheduled events. Got new dayplanner--very small, many friends are amazed.

Ok, this update may be good, as my goals this year are: SIMPLIFY and COMMUNICATE. Also, I'd like to perfect a two-sword kata, like Clashing Swords Under Waterfall. Yes, I know this is a contradiction.


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