Apr. 29th, 2004

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(1) OK, no real damage to the truck, internally. The bodywork still has not been fixed, but I don't need bearings, and my really bad alignment problems have been fixed. It doesn't limp, but every body panel needs replaced or dents removed. I'm questing for a good body shop, and the money to fix, but other things are more important (house payment, property taxes, etc.).

(2) Met with Master Grendal, my member of Chivalry in the SCA. We reconnected, and it was good. I'll be fighting in my armour more regularly. I'm considering new fuedal Japanese armour, lighter and stronger and more range of movement.

(3) Making progress with the site reviewers, and new forms and chart organization continue. The dissertation is slowed down due to Oregon State Hospital stuff, but it should fix itself this week. I hope.

(4) Everyone is now out of the hospital and recovering well, after some difficulties. Thank you for everyone's prayers and healing energy.

(5) Despite losing focus with my line drills, I did really well with kumate and OK with my kata...and I earned my 9th dan (low blue belt) proficiency. Really need to work combinations more. Started to learn a new weapon (Kama), and I'm learning to move two edged rice-threshers to stop staves, swords, and spears. A good skill to practice, as many of my karate techniques are very similar to kama techniques, and actually show application of what I've learned.

(6) Cats/Roommate doing well, seeming to be happy and healthy.
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