Sep. 23rd, 2004

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(1) I took my Karate test yesterday. I passed, making me a high-blue belt. I was too tense, holding energy throughout the technique instead of relaxing until the last second, and I wore myself out on the line drills. My katas were good, and I sparred ok---I have a large bruise on my left leg, and a screwed up right foot, and a muscle strain in my right thigh. Must work on combinations and flowing through the techniques as opposed to pushing through. And breathing.

(2) Got the HD back from the shop. Brand new belt drive off the primary...seems like she has more power on the upshift and she's smoother. I remain grateful to Nick, who made the fix possible.

(3) Work is going ok. Dissertation is still in progress, although I still haven't heard from Dr. Arnault. Hmmm. Internship is in the exploratory process. Yes, I know, I should have been working on it yesterday...but the test, and getting my bike back...I played hooky. Bad graduate student, bad!

(4) The Senescal and the cats seem to be doing ok. She's studying hard for her RN test, and working a lot. We've gotten some firewood in, and locking down for fall/winter.

Seems like there's more, but this all I can think about right now. I'll update as I think about it. :>


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