Jan. 11th, 2017

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You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks. - Winston Churchill

Goals Completed: 0
Goals in Progress: 14

It's been almost a month since my new 101/1001 list started, and an update is more than due. *smile*

I've been in the gym quite a bit this month; my current pushup and situp count is showing some progress. I've added a small amount of weight to my bench press (sets of eight, not max). I've hit the treadmill a bit, as well, and I'm registered to run in two different 5K runs and the Spartan Race. I've used doubled classes, twice a day, of Tai Chi as my active recovery day twice so far. I'm still researching hard-style dojos near my work or Ol' Number 3.

As the winter season is curtailing being outside as much, I've begun re-reading my permanent library and enjoying my continuing practice of writing haiku. Formal Zazen is still being researched, but I expect to be engaging in a more formal meditative practice within the month. I've gotten a new laptop, and changed my passwords, and checked my credit report as the usual life maintenance stuff. I'm working on my Oregon Firefighter certification, and I've already started my mandatory yearly training, and I should be renewing my CPR/First Aid certification this month. I've gotten a soak in a hot springs, and I'm planning some travel for next month.

snow past my calves
deserted and white calm
only my tracks

five to six inches
cold white powder drifts
shuts down Portland

Good preparation
options for emeregencies
allows for snow days


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