Sep. 7th, 2017

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There's no such thing as 'zero risk'.- William Driver

Goals Completed: 10
Goals in Progress: 36

So much has happened since my last update. First, however, please know that some bad things happened at Burning Man this year (please see the news reports) and that every Black Rock City Ranger and Emergency Services Firefighter that was on the playa is hurting right now and needs some gentle support, including myself. I'm still processing and decompressing, and I'm a bit raw.

On the Body and Mind sections of my 101 list, I did not run the Spartan. I was not fit enough to safely complete the course. I've not been to the gym in weeks. The only progress was my yearly Haiku of Sadness that I left in the Temple. There was so much loss this year. Seven Rangers, several to suicide, a President of the Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Club I patched in, friends and acquaintances, and coworkers at the Burn were lost to tragic and unnecessary death.

The Zombie section: I towed the Whorse to the Burn, and used her pre-Burn, but I was not allowed to use her for Ranger Intercept - because I needed to ride with other Rangers and complete the mentoring process. I rode five shifts (with a double after the chaos of Burn Night), vectored and communicated well, learned and improved, and (I believe) completed the mentoring process. I'll find out in a couple of months, once the Ranger Intercept Cadre has met, if I'm allowed to drive the Whorse next year as a full Ranger Intercept Ranger asset. The Whorse will get stored and more work will be done to clean and repair and resupply her over the winter while I wait.

Travel/Adventure section: I've already started the process to decompress from Burning Man 2017 - we briefly stopped at the healing waters of Summer Lake Hot Springs for a soak, and I'm back safely and doing the things to clean and repack all my gear, a very Zen and calming process. The Universe is providing the things I need to heal and keep going - no worries. I may just be a bit angry and sad for awhile.


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